24 Simple Step to Take to Make Your Home More Marketable


24 Simple Step to Take to Make Your Home More Marketable

□ Have carpets cleaned and re-stretched or replace if worn or dated.
□ Clean or have house cleaned (top to bottom, baseboards and ceiling fans).
□ Pack away all small collections and jewelry; "little hands" have taking ways.
□ Put out the "oil" air fresheners in entry, kitchen and bathrooms the day it's going on the market.
□ Wash windows inside and out (home will look newer and cleaner).
□ Arrange all closets to be presentable.
□ Fix all minor repairs, nail holes and touch up paint.
□ Touch up all painted trim where needed.
□ Replace all burned out light bulbs! Use a higher wattage in rooms with only one light fixture.
□ Brasso/polish all doorknobs and hardware in all rooms (an absolute must for older homes!). If you have brass fixtures, it's worth the invest- meant to replace them.
□ Leave out some family photos. This suggests "a happy and loved home," not "we can't wait to leave this house!"
□ Remove stuffed trophy heads and/or animal collections of any kind. It's a PC thing, and it "themes" your home.you don't want buyers refer- ring to your home as "The Cow House!"
□ Limit toys to one toy box and pack the rest away. If you don't have enough room to put them all away, the buyers will see that they won't have room either (this also makes picking up for showings much faster).
□ Put away any boxes. The only things that should be on the floor are furniture!

□ Remove all kitchen appliances not used daily and only leave the functional kitchen decor items out. Keep all food items off the counter and off the top of the refrigerator.
□ Remove all magnets and papers from the front of the refrigerator and move only what you ""can't live without"" to the side of the refrigerator. This will make the kitchen feel bigger.
□ Replace old stove drip pans, and for older stoves, add new burner covers; it helps it look newer.

□ Put all loose stuff on bathroom countertops under the sink for easy use. Only leave out the pretties! Everything else must go under the sink cabinets; this gives the appearance of more storage. Remember to wipe down the mirrors; it doubles everything good and bad!

□ Remove solar screens from the front of home; dark screens make a home seem unfriendly and cold. Place the screens in eye view in the garage so the buyer will see them.
□ Plant flowers in pots outside by the front door and along sidewalks and landscaping beds, if needed.
□ Freshen mulch in landscape beds.
□ Power wash patios, walkways, and driveway.

□ Clean out the garage & remove all the ""extras"". Leave only tools, lawn equipment, bikes & cars. It's key to show that at least one car does fit in the garage.
□ If both sides of the garage are full, rent a mini-storage to put all the extra stuff that is to be removed from the house and garage. If the house and garage are stuffed full they will assume you're moving because the house is too small!

□ PETS: They should go with you for all showings. If it isn't possible and you are gone during the day, consider a crate, kennel or dog run while the house in on the market. Over 50% of buyers are allergic, dislike, or are afraid of pets. This is the #1 reason buyers won't buy or even enter a home with a pet!

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