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Buyers are emotional.  This is one of the biggest financial decisions of their life, so they are going to be very emotional.  The brain defers to 5 senses to evaluate a home, even when someone “thinks” they are being rational. Therefore to market a home, the seller and agent must appeal to all five senses.

Foremost among those senses is sight – because your home will be on the MLS, Zillow, or, pictures will be the first thing that your future buyer sees.  It is the first impression. The photos are the tiebreaker between getting on the showing list and being left out entirely.  They are the second most important part of selling your home after picking the right price.

Don’t mess it up with amateur photos.

Professional photography is an absolute must, and we do it for all listings represented by The DARE Network.  Here is why:

The following are agent photos versus professional photos (agent first):

Wow.  Is it even the same house?  The lighting on this home made it extremely difficult to capture the front of the home in the shade.  But the professional photographer was able to capture it with different exposures, and create a far superior photograph.

The agent made a good try, minus the fact that it looks like it was done on a camera phone and makes the entry look claustrophobic (never take listing photos with a portrait orientation!).  There are also some dark shadows and hues in the background.  The professional photographer, instead, was able to capture the entry much more beautifully.

Kudos to the real estate agent for trying – it looks like he or she has whipped out the picture on their iPhone and has done a fairly adequate job of capturing the furniture, though it misses the rest of the room.  But in the end, it looks dingy, especially when compared to the professional’s wider approach, where you can see how large and light the room actually is.  

The agent got a good picture of most of the yard, but couldn’t do much about the exposure and clouds, apparently.  It's is a pool, but is there any concept of how big and pristine it is, especially when compared to the professional’s shot? 

The Results

Studies have shown that homes photographed by a professional garner 61 percent more online views.  The key to getting the views is in creating inspiration.  Effective, well shot marketing photos are inspirational.  If homebuyers perusing the Internet get inspired by a photo, they’ll click through to find out more about the home. If they don’t, they click “back” to view the next result in the search list and you've lost that potential buyer.

If you would like a no obligation consultation on getting your home ready to sell or about the other marketing strategies we use to get your home sold, call (214) 308-5444  or email [email protected].

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